"Brustad-bua", or; How a whole country is suppressed and censored in its development, of past life in politics!
"Brustad-bua:" a prehistoric ostrich with the head in the sand! Take our freedom back.
Let us put in place autonomy for designing business life and opening hours for our stores! Politicians: Keep your fingers out of the bar when it comes to how people are going to run their stores.
Let the people be at peace and have opening hours that we find reasonable and people's best!
How is it possible to get on something so backward and convoluted as to "DETERMINE THAT" that in one country in the world,
Do we have to block one day of the week so that shops over 100 square meters can have an open shop?

The stores we use every day should no longer be "Banned on Sundays!"
Opening hours must not be determined by the parliament and the small group of politicians who sit there.
The individual shop or shop center can have the opening hours that best suit your needs and needs.
This is a right in a democracy.
This "DEMOCRACY" must end.